Construction of a 20000-liter water tank by Our Organisation

We’ve successfully completed the construction of 20000 liter water tank. The tank has been designed to cater to the water requirements of visitors, guests and residents of the village, and offers a reliable and eco-friendly option to obtain safe and pure water.

Sourced from the pristine location of Waida in Gurukot, our water is pure and safe for consumption. We understand the importance of having access to clean water, particularly for guests and tourists who may be unfamiliar with local water sources. Our water tank ensures that their water needs are met with the highest standards of safety and purity.

In addition to water quality, our tank is intended for efficiency. The 63mm pipe guarantees that water is transferred swiftly and effectively from the source to the tank, ensuring a consistent supply of water for our visitors, tourists, and domestic use. The tank is made with high-quality materials that are resistant to the environment and wear and tear, assuring its life and sustainability.

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